Coffee this morning had me thinking…..

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So when I was having coffee this morning it got me thinking….. I was sat here…… Coffee this morning was interesting and had me thinking….. Yesterday I spent the day with 2 huge industry brands, Native Instruments and Allen & Heath. Only a short time ago 6 maybe 7 years I was sat here everyday,… Read more »


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#ItsOkNotToBeOk – today is world suicide prevention day, and our thoughts at Djbox have turned to Avicii. Someone (from the outside looking in) who had made it, someone who many aspired to emulate and someone who was at the height of his powers. Travelling the world, adored by millions and playing to tens of thousands,… Read more »

When is a camper not a camper…..?

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When it’s a Dj booth of course!  Andrew Job from Down Discos in Northern Ireland had an idea, and a very cool idea at that. Why not create a striking Dj booth, something to set him apart and something that would create a WOW factor, and why not use a VW camper to do! So… Read more »

Beatty Brothers with ADJ Lighting

Posted by & filed under General. were delighted to welcome the Beatty Brothers into our Tallaght shop and Lighting Showroom in recent weeks. Insanely busy and popular, the Beatty Brothers (Wayne and Barry) offer a wide range of live performance services including DJ, Sax, Singing and plenty more. Well respected and sought after, we were delighted at the opportunity to… Read more »

When ADJ came to visit The Church Dublin

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So there I was at the BPM show chatting to our good friends at ADJ. We made mention of a project we had just completed in Dublin City centre in The Church, and how we had used WiFly technology because of the protected status of the building and all the other good stuff. Brian from ADJ HQ… Read more »

A word of thanks…… and it’s early!

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A word of thanks…… Today I (and Djbox) finally passed a very significant milestone in our progression and development. A few weeks early, and we are absolutely ecstatic. It hasn’t always been easy but it has certainly been fun, interesting and emotional. I want to thank every person who continues to buy from us and… Read more »

2017, my reflections, thoughts and thanks…….

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As I sit to write this I have realised that I have been lucky enough to be typing these messages for a few years now. Every one has been genuine, and every one has thankfully been positive and hopeful. This year is no different! Djbox has been very busy this year, and has surpassed our hopes… Read more »

Added services in Djbox…….

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Our shop and showroom in Cookstown, Tallaght offer the very best sound and lighting demonstration facilities for DJs and bands! As well as facilitating demonstrations, we also offer other value added services that are of benefit to our customers. For instance….. take yesterday….. A customer was interested in the ADJ Inno pocket Z4 LED Wash. He wanted… Read more »