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Rome wasn’t built in a day – and the new DJbox is taking it’s time too! But it’ll be worth it!

We are moving

A short while ago we announced that we are moving to a new larger, better, premises. The move is on! We had hoped that we would be in the new premises by now, but for a number of various reasons things have not happened as quickly as we had expected.

But……. Phone lines and broadband are in, the premises has been handed over to us fully, and we are starting the fitout in the coming weeks. Trades are measuring up, plans have been drawn and the vision is coming together!

Right now we are planning to be moved in, operational and fully setup at the end of July! That’s the plan!

We are hoping to only have to move once, and we are making sure it is worth while. We have decided not to rush this for the sake of meeting or own initial deadline. Instead we are pushing the deadline back to ensure we create the very best space and customer experience possible!

We thank you all for your patience, and your understanding. We are really looking forward to showing you what we create and we promise you….. it’ll be worth the wait!

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June 1st – are proud and pleased to announce that we will now be making the Pioneer DJ CDJ and DJM ranges available for rental. As a fully authorised Pioneer DJ dealer will now offer a range of Pioneer DJ products for one off events as well as short terms and long term rentals. We will tailor make each package to suit the needs of the customer, event and budget.

Pioneer DJ Rental


Why rent from DJbox?

  • Fully authorised Pioneer DJ dealers
  • All equipment professionally serviced and maintained
  • All equipment supplied in professional flight cases
  • All equipment supplied with all required cables
  • Nationwide service
  • Large stock availability

What products are available?

We have CDJ/DJM packages as well as individual products available for rental. Our initial stock includes:

CDJ/DJM Packages

CDJ-2000 Nexus 2
DJM-900 Nexus 2

CDJ-2000 Nexus
DJM-900 Nexus

CDJ-900 Nexus

Kit list

CDJ-2000 Nexus 2
CDJ-2000 Nexus
CDJ-900 Nexus

DJM-2000 Nexus
DJM-900 Nexus 2
DJM-900 Nexus

As Djbox continues to grow and develop we are very pleased to be able to offer services such as this to our ever growing client base. The addition of Pioneer rental stock shows our commitment to our industry and our customers, allowing them to access premium products as and when needed without large up front expenditure. We are very excited to see where this new service leads us to!

For enquiries email [email protected] or call 015329845

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It was with great sadness that we learnt of the recent closure of Lamba PLC. An industry legend, this UK based company had been distributing professional sound and lighting products around the world for over 60 years!

Lamba PLC

From the legendary Made 2 Fade mixer to brands such as KAM, Gemini, Odyssey and many more, Lamba were responsible for some of the largest brands in our industry. Everyone has at some stage used a piece of KAM equipment. Whether it was a mixer, a twin CD player, a radio mic or laser. Their attractive pricing and high quality products led to them becoming hugely popular with DJs and entertainers around Europe.

And as for the brands. KAM is a legendary brand with some great product. We only hope that someone somewhere sees its value, and either buys or resurrects it in some fashion. It has a place in the market and having survived for so long it deserves to be carried forward. Others such as Gemini, AFX, Odyssey etc. will undoubtedly simply find new distribution channels.

We are sad and sorry to see the demise of such a legendary company. We knew many of the people there personally and very well. We wish the staff and management all the very best for the future.


Lamba PLC has gone into administration and it is unlikely there will be any access to spares/parts or service going forward. Any person with product issues relating to a KAM product should contact their dealer for support

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Following on from the recent high profile announcement of HID support for Djay with the Pioneer Nexus 2 range, a new collaboration between Pioneer DJ and Algorridim has just been unveiled. Introducing the brand new Pioneer XDJ-DJAY.


The new XDJ-DJAY will have a fully optimized and embedded version of the increasingly popular DJay software. A familiar software interface for current DJay users coupled with the industry standard Pioneer layout ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for users of this unit.Keeping up with industry trends each XDJ-DJAY will offer dual deck support with a dual output souncard. This will allow DJs to control 2 decks in DJay from one XDJ-DJay.

Expected to be unveiled at the upcoming Prolight and Sound in Frankfurt, shipping is scheduled for early May 2017 with a guide price of only €1599

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HUGE NEWS – DJbox have been appointed EXCLUSIVE Irish dealers for the Denon Prime range. Djbox will be THE ONLY Irish retailer authorised by Denon to sell the Prime range in Ireland. We are very excited, proud and pleased with this appointment. We are looking forward to presenting this exciting new range to our DJ customer base. #ChangeYourRider

Djbox Irelands exclusive Denon Prime Dealers

Djbox Irelands exclusive Denon Prime Dealers

The Denon Prime series are possibly the first units to offer serious and real competition to Pioneer DJ, often considered the flagship range and industry leaders. Already world renowned DJs have chosen the Denon Prime series as their preferred brand. Laidback Luke was very recently unveiled as “Product Development Consultant and Ambassador” and has since done an unveiling event at Dance Fair. Paul Oakenfold has announced his upcoming World Tour will be using all Pioneer Prime DJ kit and Oliver Heldens recently posted on Snapchat with a headline “Sorry Pioneer, Denon wins this one”. The Denon Prime train has left the station and it is gaining a lot of momentum, very quickly.

As the summer progresses and these DJs start using the Denon Prime series at festivals and events, demand for these units will surge. The long standing monopoly of having a single brand in the DJbox is about to be shattered. Best part of that for our customers…… DJbox are THE ONLY Fully Authorised dealers for both brands and will be the only place to A/B both!

We are very excited, and we are getting Primed! Orders have been placed, stock earmarked and events planned. As soon as these are shipping Djbox will have them, have them on demo and be ready to sell! Start saving…… It’s time to #ChangeYourRider – Checkout the range HERE on


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This mornings mission – setting up Pioneer Rekordbox DJ and an XDJ-RX for a customer in store…… but this setup was different to others for us!

Yesterday we received a call from a customer who had just purchased (the day before) an XDJ-RX in Dublin, but not from DJbox. He was trying to get Rekordbox DJ up and running but the dealer who sold him the machine was being less than helpful, and the customer was struggling and looking for help. Today, he came to us in Tallaght……. we had the machine in store, we setup Rekordbox DJ on the customers laptop, gave him a demo and run through of the software and the machine and the customer is delighted.

Why did we do this…… firstly, we charged the customer. As he had not bought the machine from us, the setup of the software was charged. When a customer purchases a machine from DJbox we offer FREE SETUP, service and support to our own customers.  Secondly, the customer now knows DJbox, knows the levels of service and support we offer, and we will be his first port of call next time around.

XDJ-RX Software setup

XDJ-RX and Rekordbox Setup testing in store

Of course we would have liked to have got the initial sale of the hardware. In this instance the customer went on a recommendation of a friend. After his purchase he felt he was let down by the dealer, and DJbox were naturally more than happy to help this customer. We think we have converted him to a DJbox customer now 🙂

Rekordbox DJ software Demo for the customer too

Rekordbox DJ software Demo for the customer too

Buy once, buy right, and buy from DJbox – we offer FREE setup, service and support to our own customers. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and we are always more than happy to help – even out of hours! online or in store for ALL of your DJ supply needs – Irelands best DJ Supply shop!

XDJ-RX Software setup

Up and running for a very happy customer!

Posted by & filed under General. – Our online home – our store, web presence, and main portal to the online world. Visit it, please come and check it out! First thing you’ll notice is WE SELL sound and lighting equipment. We ARE NOT a DJ agency, we DO NOT rent dance floors, we DO NOT video weddings or any other such services – WE SELL EQUIPMENT. We want our customers to provide those services as a part of their business, and hopefully to use equipment we supply to compliment that. To couple with our online presence at we have our shop in Tallaght, in Dublin. A walk in, bricks & Mortar shop. A place where equipment is ON DEMO. Not locked in display cabinets, or hidden on shelving. A place where a purpose built lighting showroom has been put together, a place where we demo everything from controllers, to lasers, to speakers and more – WE SELL EQUIPMENT.

DJBox map

Our location in Tallaght Village in Dublin

As a straight up retail operation we work hard to offer our potential customers the very best service, support and products available anywhere in our industry. We offer customers our mobile phone numbers, we open our shop 7 days a week, we are available out of hours by phone, text, social media and more. These are the value added things we do that online sellers cannot do (they might be cheaper but thats no use if something goes wrong at a gig). These are the things we do that other DJ shops cannot and will not do. We want you business, we will work hard for it and we will work hard for you. WE SELL EQUIPMENT and we need to sell it to keep providing the services we do.

We don’t have the luxury of having other money coming into the business – we are too focused on selling equipment to our customers and letting them provide the shows and effects to the customers! Please support local business, if you are buying sound and lighting equipment consider us – consider, WE SELL EQUIPMENT

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Thankfully the following is the exception and not the rule. Every night DJ boxes around the world are in operation without any issues or problems, with “no drink” policies and other rules in place. In 99.999% of cases DJs DO respect the equipment. DJs DO look after it and they understand and appreciate its value and worth. But sometimes….. just sometimes…..

This morning we have had a 6 WEEK OLD set of Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 2 and a DJM900 Nexus 2 left into us for service. These units were in a venue from Christmas week until this week, and they are destroyed. The guts of €7000 euro worth of new equipment, soaked, sticky and in need of very expensive repairs.

CDJ 2000 NXS2 Jogwheel spill

CDJ 2000 NXS2 Jogwheel spill

These are rental units that were rented to a venue for the festive period, and it seems that the players and mixer were involved in the festivities. It’s very frustrating to see things like this happen to kit. We want to see DJs using the latest hardware, the best kit, the greatest brands. When instances like this happen its understandable why some venues are reluctant to invest in expensive hardware.

DJM900 Nexus 2 drink spill

DJM900 Nexus 2 drink spill

We often hear DJ’s commenting how venues, owners and operators aren’t investing in equipment. How the equipment in the DJ box they are working in is old, dated and not capable of being used. On the other hand we always hear owners and managers telling us that the equipment is expensive, and that DJs won’t look after it (when more often than not they will). Having seen these this morning it’d be hard to argue with those managers/owners. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look after and respect the equipment in your DJ box!

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DJBox Christmas

At Djbox we close 2 days a year… we close Christmas Day and New Years Day. Those 2 days aside we are open for business. There are 2 key reasons why I chose to do this:

1) At a time when we need to stand out, encourage people to shop local, and we must offer the best solution possible, we believe that these opening times are something we can offer that no other local retailer can and certainly no internet seller can

2) We understand that our customers work long days, late nights and have needs that extend out of the “normal” business hours, and we adjust our business to suit this.

It is my belief that by offering extended hours, out of hours service, and other such services that DJbox stands out amongst a sea of providers looking to sell products, we do much more than that. With that in mind we come to Christmas, when we only close Christmas Day.

In the run up to Christmas we get numerous people looking to buy equipment for the first time, or looking to upgrade, or perhaps diversify into a new discipline (from DJ to production for example). We talk them through the options, the pros and cons of each, and if we do our job well enough we hopefully get the sale. A crucial part of our business in the run up to Christmas is that we tell our sales staff to ensure they tell each and every customer that we are open St. Stephens/Boxing Day. This gives the customer a sense of assurance, a sense of security and they can rest easy in the knowledge that if they have issues Christmas morning they can call to the shop the very next day to get sorted. And, not only will we sort it, but we won’t charge. We never charge our customers for setup of equipment purchased form us.

All in all I believe this offers a strong proposition to the customer, and even though we may not be the cheapest on offer, we are certainly the best solution! And thats what we aim for, being the best solution!

Our staff work hard, long days all year round, and at Christmas we work extended hours all the way up until Christmas Eve. They make sacrifices to be available to our customers all through the Christmas break, and to open up between Christmas and New Years. We believe in service and support, it is what we have built our business on. As long as our customers keep coming we will keep offering these levels of service and support. We know and understand that it is this that differentiates us. It is this that online sellers cannot do, and we keep doing the things other DJ shops cannot and will not do!

We hope you had a great Christmas and we wish you and yours avery happy, safe and prosperous New Year!

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It’s that time of the year again. We are putting away the branded packaging, the tape, boxes, flyers and leaflets and we are going incognito.

Plain Parcel time!

From now until the end of December DJbox will ship ALL online orders in plain boxes and packaging to ensure arriving parcels don’t cause any suspicions. All items will be in plain black plastic wrap with simple parcel tape. Discretion is the name of the game for the next few weeks!

If you want to order DJ equipment for your friends, family or loved ones for Christmas then visit and order online safely, securely and with confidence.

We look forward to sending you a plain parcel soon!

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