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So when I was having coffee this morning it got me thinking….. I was sat here……Kitchen coffee table

Coffee this morning was interesting and had me thinking…..

Yesterday I spent the day with 2 huge industry brands, Native Instruments and Allen & Heath. Only a short time ago 6 maybe 7 years I was sat here everyday, at my kitchen table. This is the exact spot where Djbox began. This is where Scott and I started planning and growing the business. This is where the dream began.

Now, a relatively short time later Djbox have the best showroom in our industry, a nationwide customer base and representation of great brands. Furthermore our service and support remains the best in our industry.

It’s easy to forget how young we still are, how far we have come so quickly, and what we have achieved. Every day I’m proud of what we have done and we will continue #DoingTheThings for many more years to come!

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#ItsOkNotToBeOk – today is world suicide prevention day, and our thoughts at Djbox have turned to Avicii. Someone (from the outside looking in) who had made it, someone who many aspired to emulate and someone who was at the height of his powers. Travelling the world, adored by millions and playing to tens of thousands, what a life….. or so it seemed.

Behind the gigs, the pointing fingers, the smile and the showman there were problems. Problems that ultimately led to him leaving us before anyone would have wanted or expected.

You see, life is not perfect. Life is difficult, it is challenging and it often goes off track. That’s ok, it’s a part of the journey. Sometimes you’ll feel like you want to give up, sometimes you’ll feel you’ve had enough and sometimes you’ll feel you can’t go on. Those are the times when you pick up the phone, knock on someone’s door, call a friend and talk. At a time when we are surrounded by messengers, SnapChats, twitters and so many other things, there is nothing better than sitting down, looking someone in the eye and talking.

At Djbox our door is always open, our social channels are always on and we are always always available. Drop into us, message us or phone. We will listen and if we can help we will. The shop is a great place for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat and anyone is welcome anytime.

This indutstry has already lost some really really good people. Let’s come together, support each other, help each other and be there. Reach out to us if you need to, and talk.

Remeber…… #ItsOkNotToBeOk – let’s tackle suicide head on! #WakeMeUp

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When it’s a Dj booth of course!  Andrew Job from Down Discos in Northern Ireland had an idea, and a very cool idea at that. Why not create a striking Dj booth, something to set him apart and something that would create a WOW factor, and why not use a VW camper to do! So he set about building his dream, and made it come true!

Down Discos Camper booth
And so the Down Discos Camper can booth was born – and it gained instant attention from brides and couples in Andrews Market. As striking as it was we always knew that there was something missing, one small thing that would finish it and make it almost unbeatable. Can you guess what we wanted to do?

So after sit down, planning, meeting, discussing and designing we made a plan, we ordered the kit and we set about adding the final touch to the booth!

BOOM – a pair of American DJ Dotz pars inserted I not the headlights bring a whole new dimension to the custom facade. Multi functional, effective and a real sales tool this booth is like nothing we have seen before. It is now practical and can be used as a functioning booth, the colours in the pars can be used to match a brides theme or colour, and then at party time the lighting can be used as a dance floor wash! We are so proud to have been involved with this from the very start, and to see the final result is awesome.

We are looking forward to seeing more videos like this of this stunning booth being used in the very near future!

Posted by & filed under General. were delighted to welcome the Beatty Brothers into our Tallaght shop and Lighting Showroom in recent weeks. Insanely busy and popular, the Beatty Brothers (Wayne and Barry) offer a wide range of live performance services including DJ, Sax, Singing and plenty more. Well respected and sought after, we were delighted at the opportunity to help them.

Having discussed their lighting needs and aspirations, and looking at various options the main concern was ease of use. The system had to be easy to program but more importantly to operate during their shows. With saxophones, DJs, singers and so much more going on complicated DMX desks with lots of faders and knobs just weren’t an option. We demonstrated the powerful ADJ Airstream DMX that we use to run our lighting showroom and it was instantly the go to solution. Next came the lights…. compact, portable, reliable, and effective! So again we set about a series of product demonstrations and we then set on a cracking system that ticks all of the guys boxes!

A pair of ADJ pocket pro lights offer the shows moving effects. Compact but very bight these moving head integrate quickly and easily with the Airstream Bridge allowing easy programming. We have these store in an ADJ F4 bag for safe and easy transportation. Next was personalisation/branding. This is where we were able to offer great value to the client. The ADJ Ikon Profile offers a number of features and uses including breakout gobo projection, standard gobo projection and of course custom gobo projection. A high output LED with features such as zoom and focus offer a quality projection for the Beatty Brothers and their clients.

Beatty Brothers Gobo

Beatty Brothers Custom gobo projection

We finished out the show with an Equinox booth, cables and some other accessories to ensure there is a professional finished presentation to mirror the new lighting setup. We are very proud and pleased to have been able to help Wayne and Barry with their additional lighting and we look forward to supporting them for many years to come.

Thanks for the business guys and keep rocking!

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So there I was at the BPM show chatting to our good friends at ADJ. We made mention of a project we had just completed in Dublin City centre in The Church, and how we had used WiFly technology because of the protected status of the building and all the other good stuff. Brian from ADJ HQ was listening and 24 hours later I was picking him up in Dublin for a 12 hour unplanned whistle stop tour of the city and the project.

We are very proud of the work we do, and we were delighted to be able to welcome Brian to Dublin and to The Church and to be able to show him how we had used ADJ products to overcome challenges we faced.

Have a look at the article he wrote where he got back and see what we did………

The Church Dublin lit with ADJ

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A word of thanks……

Today I (and Djbox) finally passed a very significant milestone in our progression and development. A few weeks early, and we are absolutely ecstatic. It hasn’t always been easy but it has certainly been fun, interesting and emotional.

I want to thank every person who continues to buy from us and trust us with their orders. I want to thanks our suppliers who entrust us with their brands and products and I finally want to thank my family for their unwavering support!

I am so so proud of what Djbox is and has become and what it stands for. We have come so far so quickly and built a great business and community. I can assure you that we aren’t finished yet and our future has genuinely never looked more positive!

Thank you all and see you soon!!!

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So After Christmas we often get calls people who are having issues with kit. Those issues range from setup difficulties, to software problems, to hardware glitches. At Djbox we offer a free setup service on all hardware we supply and we also have direct contacts into the brands we represent for service and support, however….

This week in the space of 2 days we took 3 calls that should really serve as an eye opener to people in our industry. One was from a customer who had a light that he just received and its not panning correctly, the other was from customer who has a controller thats not behaving right. In ALL cases, they were sourced outside Ireland, in ALL cases the items have no warranty support in Ireland, and in ALL cases the items will now have to be shipped to where they were purchased for service, repair, inspection etc. In many cases the customers warranties are with the dealers they bought from, and those are with the distributors they bought from, something customers don’t always realise. This will leave the customers without their hardware for prolonged periods of time while inspections, repairs etc. take place.

Djbox work hard to offer the best service and support we can. We are not perfect but we are contactable, available and in store 7 days. So, why buy from Djbox?

– Firstly we are contactable and open in store 7 days a week 363 days a year. These people both called us today because they couldn’t contact their supplier

– We have access to our own and manufacture approved service and repair centres and parts supplies for quick turn around times.

– We can talk directly to the manufacturers to sort the best solutions possible in the quickest time possible, repair, replacement, loan unit etc.

– We supply and have relationships with major brands globally

While I don’t know if the outcome would have been different for either of these customers there would have been progress. They could have brought us the items. We could have used our knowledge and experience to look for faults and issues. We could have contacted the manufacturers for assistance and we could have offered some solutions. Instead they are both now stuck, on a Saturday afertnoon with hardware failures ahead of gigs tonight, scrambling more solutions form a supplier they cannot contact.

You’d have to wonder was it worth whatever small saving it is they made?

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Facebook Christmas logo
As I sit to write this I have realised that I have been lucky enough to be typing these messages for a few years now. Every one has been genuine, and every one has thankfully been positive and hopeful. This year is no different!

Djbox has been very busy this year, and has surpassed our hopes and targets for this year. For this we are truly thankful. We are thankful to each and every person or business who trusts in us for their equipment. We are thankful to anyone who recommends us, sends people our way, or promotes us in any way possible. We work hard to ensure we deliver the best service, support and products possible. We believe we are very good at it, and as our line goes, “We do the things other DJ shops cannot and will not” – we are not perfect, we can and do make mistakes, but we think that when we do we react quickly to resolve these! We work hard, we want your business, and we will do all we can to support you and your business.

2017 has been a very interesting chapter in the Djbox book! With a new shop and showroom and losing a key member of our staff all leading to rebuilding our team and showroom in our new premises! There have been challenges, and decisions that have ultimately led to DJbox being better and stronger, and we look forward into 2018 with huge positivity and excitement. We have exciting plans, huge intentions and visions, and we look forward to your continued support as we continue to build and grow.

Thanks go to all of the people who work every day to make and keep DJbox what it has become and is. Thanks to Scott for all he did during his time with us, he was key to what we did and do, and it will never be forgotten. Thanks to Stephen who is a very important part of the business through his tech support and graphics works, and of course thanks to Sean, the latest confirmed member of our team. Its great to see how quickly he has adapted to a role in the business, and we look forward to having him for a long time to come. To all of our suppliers, industry friends, delivery drivers, brand reps and everyone else, we thank you for your continued support, your assistance in letting us represent you, your brands and products, and we are looking forward to a great 2018!

Finally, and on a personal note, 2018 has been the biggest year of change I have seen since we started DJbox. Scotts departure, coupled with the change in premises all happening at once was challenging to say the least. Coupled with the daily demands of the business, the deliveries and everything else that is “life” it was mayhem! There was a lot going on, and there were a few key people who were there to help. Scott even though he was leaving was a great help during the transition of premises and his departure, Sean for all he did in helping us get setup and moved, Dara who spent time with us during and after the move, and to everyone else who lent a hand, van or spared time to help, I will be forever grateful. Of course, my family, who somehow still put up with the late hours, the phone calls late at night, the cable and fog fluid deliveries and everything that comes with Djbox…. there are few words to express my thanks and feelings for your support but I am thankful everyday for what you do for me, as we continue to grow our business!

So 2017, what a year and definitely one that I will not forget, the year that so much changed, and so much happened! If 2017 was even a small indication of what 2018 holds, then I cannot wait to get started!

Wishing you, your friends and families a very happy, and safe 2018!

Best Wishes

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It’s that time of year, where we get calls, messages and emails looking for pricing of kit as presents for Christmas. More often than not the people making the enquiries are making them on behalf of a son, daughter or grandchild, and they have no understanding of the equipment, how it works or what they need. That’s ok, that’s why we are here, to help, to offer advise and to offer support.

However, then comes the inevitable “but it’s cheaper online”. Yes it is, like most products and services, if you look hard enough you will find a cheaper price, however cheaper is not always better. While we do understand that the sale is that of a product, the value in what we offer is often worth the small price difference between the Djbox price and the online cheapest price. Let me explain why.

1 – This is Djbox – this is Djbox, Irelands premier space for the demonstration and purchase of DJ related sound and lighting products. Custom designed and built with the leading products from leading brands on demonstration and display for our customers. We ARE NOT a box shifting warehouse, nor are do we order kit as needed. We carry stock and offer demonstration facilities.

Djbox Cookstown

2 – Main dealer – We are a MAIN DEALER for our industries leading brands and offer all of the support, service and after care that involves. We purchase directly from leading brands and have direct access to their sales, service and support teams if needed.

3 – Staff – We have an in store staff that are able to offer you advise and service leading up to your purchase. Our staff will discuss key factors with you like your budget, your needs and your aspirations before making a recommendation on the kit you should buy.

4 – We sell DJ equipment – DJbox sells DJ equipment, it’s our passion, it’s what we do and we do it very well. We know the products, the people, the kit and we can offer you the best solution to suit your needs.

5 – FREE setup service – we offer a free setup service to all of our customers. If you purchase your kit from us we will set it up in store for you meaning that you have no issues or worries after you buy your kit.

6 – Service & Support – as a main dealer for leading bands we have direct access to the service and support departments of the brands we sell. This gives us the best opportunity and ability to offer you a quick and speedy service and a timely resolution. We are also available by phone 24/7/365, and yes we do get calls Christmas Day!


So, when a large box shifting supplier are 20 or 30 Euro cheaper, please consider the above, please ask yourself, is the lack of local service and support worth it, is the ability to demo and see the kit before hand worth it, is having someone who is willing and able to help you worth it!

The above are just some of the reasons why we may be a little more expensive than the online options you are seeing. All of the above carry a cost, whether that is the premises, staff, utilities, stock, or the van or one of many more.

Djbox may not be the cheapest option you find, but we will offer you service and support that other suppliers will not. Our offer to you is the best service and support possible with very competitive pricing, whether it is online or in store, DJbox offers a great value solution this Christmas!

Djbox – Doing the things other DJ shops cannot and will not!

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Our shop and showroom in Cookstown, Tallaght offer the very best sound and lighting demonstration facilities for DJs and bands! As well as facilitating demonstrations, we also offer other value added services that are of benefit to our customers. For instance….. take yesterday…..

A customer was interested in the ADJ Inno pocket Z4 LED Wash. He wanted to ensure they would be functional with his Chamsys control system in time for Christmas shows. We invited the customer into the shop, setup a fixture, and gave him the time he needed to patch the light to his Chamsys and test it.

Testing the ADJ Z4 with Chamsys

Nowhere else in Ireland could a customer access these kind of facilities. He had everything he needed from fixtures to cables to power and even coffee! These are the services and support we offer customers and potential customers. These are the things we do that other DJ shops cannot and will not, and these are the reasons why it is always better to shop local and support local dealers where possible!