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It’s that time of year, where we get calls, messages and emails looking for pricing of kit as presents for Christmas. More often than not the people making the enquiries are making them on behalf of a son, daughter or grandchild, and they have no understanding of the equipment, how it works or what they need. That’s ok, that’s why we are here, to help, to offer advise and to offer support.

However, then comes the inevitable “but it’s cheaper online”. Yes it is, like most products and services, if you look hard enough you will find a cheaper price, however cheaper is not always better. While we do understand that the sale is that of a product, the value in what we offer is often worth the small price difference between the Djbox price and the online cheapest price. Let me explain why.

1 – This is Djbox – this is Djbox, Irelands premier space for the demonstration and purchase of DJ related sound and lighting products. Custom designed and built with the leading products from leading brands on demonstration and display for our customers. We ARE NOT a box shifting warehouse, nor are do we order kit as needed. We carry stock and offer demonstration facilities.

Djbox Cookstown

2 – Main dealer – We are a MAIN DEALER for our industries leading brands and offer all of the support, service and after care that involves. We purchase directly from leading brands and have direct access to their sales, service and support teams if needed.

3 – Staff – We have an in store staff that are able to offer you advise and service leading up to your purchase. Our staff will discuss key factors with you like your budget, your needs and your aspirations before making a recommendation on the kit you should buy.

4 – We sell DJ equipment – DJbox sells DJ equipment, it’s our passion, it’s what we do and we do it very well. We know the products, the people, the kit and we can offer you the best solution to suit your needs.

5 – FREE setup service – we offer a free setup service to all of our customers. If you purchase your kit from us we will set it up in store for you meaning that you have no issues or worries after you buy your kit.

6 – Service & Support – as a main dealer for leading bands we have direct access to the service and support departments of the brands we sell. This gives us the best opportunity and ability to offer you a quick and speedy service and a timely resolution. We are also available by phone 24/7/365, and yes we do get calls Christmas Day!


So, when a large box shifting supplier are 20 or 30 Euro cheaper, please consider the above, please ask yourself, is the lack of local service and support worth it, is the ability to demo and see the kit before hand worth it, is having someone who is willing and able to help you worth it!

The above are just some of the reasons why we may be a little more expensive than the online options you are seeing. All of the above carry a cost, whether that is the premises, staff, utilities, stock, or the van or one of many more.

Djbox may not be the cheapest option you find, but we will offer you service and support that other suppliers will not. Our offer to you is the best service and support possible with very competitive pricing, whether it is online or in store, DJbox offers a great value solution this Christmas!

Djbox – Doing the things other DJ shops cannot and will not!

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Our shop and showroom in Cookstown, Tallaght offer the very best sound and lighting demonstration facilities for DJs and bands! As well as facilitating demonstrations, we also offer other value added services that are of benefit to our customers. For instance….. take yesterday…..

A customer was interested in the ADJ Inno pocket Z4 LED Wash. He wanted to ensure they would be functional with his Chamsys control system in time for Christmas shows. We invited the customer into the shop, setup a fixture, and gave him the time he needed to patch the light to his Chamsys and test it.

Testing the ADJ Z4 with Chamsys

Nowhere else in Ireland could a customer access these kind of facilities. He had everything he needed from fixtures to cables to power and even coffee! These are the services and support we offer customers and potential customers. These are the things we do that other DJ shops cannot and will not, and these are the reasons why it is always better to shop local and support local dealers where possible!

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Velocity Academy in Edenderry has just opened!

Velocity Academy Edenderry

Best of luck to Jay and Claire as the launch the new Velocity in Edenderry. Velocity Academy in Edenderry is a brand new custom fit out of a large commercial space in the heart of Edenderry. Just opened, this awesome new facility will cater for all of your health, fitness, training and even Boogie Bounce needs.

Velocity Academy Boogie Bounce Edenderry

Djbox were first contacted to help Claire with the supply of sound and lighting equipment for their new Boogie Bounce venture. Once the new premises had been secured we were invited down for a sneak peek and asked about providing a background audio system.

With the diverse nature of the activities offered in the space it was important to ensure that the sound system is flexible in its design and implementation. There is a downstairs weights and training area, and a large upstairs section full of mats (that terrified Mark) for MMA and martial arts training. These 2 areas are independently controlled allowing for the volumes to be tweaked to suit the activities in the space. Audio playback is managed from an American Audio Media operator BT. This clever little unit allows for audio playback from USB and SD sources as we as via bluetooth, an aux in and 4 line inputs! Its a seriously clever little unit making it perfect for spaces like this. The system is simple, functional and reliable allowing the staff and management to quickly and easily manage the audio in the whole venue.

DJbox were proud and pleased to have been chosen as the suppliers of equipment to this venue, and we wish Jay and Claire all the very best in their new future.

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Unit 1 is open, launched and all systems are go! Last night we unveiled our NEW Showroom and shop facility at 1 Cooktown Enterprise Park in Tallaght.

Djbox Cookstown

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to come and see us and to be there for our launch event. I also want to thank the suppliers who supported us with the launch event, and who took the time to attend. In particular I want to thank Kris, Andy, Ian and the whole ADJ team, and Richard, Hannah, Vicki and the guys at Numark, Denon, Alto, Akai and Alesis. I also want to thank Noel and Martin from Pioneer for our excellent in store Pioneer demo station. We are very fortunate to work with great brands and people and we look forward to this being the case for many years to come.

A few people were key to making yesterday happen and they deserve a huge thanks too. Stephen, Sean, Dara, Gavin, Gregg and Andrew, thank you all so so much!

The opening of Unit 1 was bitter sweet for me personally. The sweet….. when everyone had left, and I collapsed onto the floor and looked at what WE had created and achieved I couldn’t but help to be so amazingly proud of what we have built and become in such a relatively short period of time. Then, there is the bitter, the WE…. we are soon to be no more. We, will become I, and I will start to build a new team to lead DJbox into the future. As you will know by now, Scott my brother, my right hand man, my go to guy has decided it’s a time for new challenges.

As I left Unit 1 last night, I felt so many things. Grateful, for the opportunity to work alongside my brother, amazed, at what we have created in such a short space of time, sad, that he has decided to leave us, excited for whatever the future might hold for us both, and humbled. Humbled by the fact that so many people turn to DJbox each and every day, that we have become your chosen supplier, that you trust our advise and guidance, and that you choose to spend your money with us! So many of you are so much more than customers to us and I’m thankful everyday for what my work brings!

Thankful is the overwhelming feeling that covers how I felt when I stood in our new showroom last night in DJbox. Thankful for what it lets me do every day, for the people it lets me do it with, and for the support everyone has given us. Unit 1 has come to be because of all of you, our customers and our suppliers, and for that I am thankful.

Here’s to the future and the continued success of us all!


You can find us HERE if you want to come and checkout the new showroom!

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Djbox recently had the pleasure of supplying a complete professional sound and lighting solution to the Headford Arms RistoPub in Galway.

The Headford Arms RistoPub Exterior

Antonio called into DJbox looking for some advise in regards to quality professional sound and lighting equipment for his stunning Galway venue. With a focus on quality and clarity we listened to all he wanted and set about putting together some options.

Having carried out some audio system demonstrations, there was a clear winner in Antonios mind… the Yamha DXR. The power, performance, clarity and 7 year warranty put them out in front of the other options and we had a speaker solution sorted. Finally we added a Yamaha MG10XU console to manage signal inputs for DJs, live performances and events, and the audio requirements were sorted with a high quality, branded, professional system from Yamaha.

Lighting! The brief…..striking, effective, but discreet and something that would fit into the ambience of the venue. We looked at pars, bars, washes, effects, beams, movers, lasers and all sorts of options. We looked at uplighting, downlighting and all sorts of configurations, and considered all options. Having looked at a number of possibilities we came up with a solution that will offer wash to the wall/floor areas of the venue and cover the “dance” area with multiple beams of effect lighting… and what a solution. Ticking all of the boxes for the customer and the venue, ADJ Mini Dekkers (a DJbox favourite), ADJ vPar Paks, and a fogger. A system giving wash, beams and great coverage at an incredible package price!

The Headford Arms RistoPub Bar

The Headford have invested in quality professional audio and lighting equipment to ensure they deliver the best experience possible to their customers. This kit will stand the test of time, give them many years of enjoyment, and is a great solution for their venue.

We wish Antonio and his team all the very best for the future and look forward to seeing the results soon – Get over and give their FACEBOOK PAGE a LIKE

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Djbox have recently completed the installation of a new intelligent lighting system in the Cellar Bar in The Church Dublin. Having recently upgraded the lighting in the main bar area, we were delighted to be asked back to help with the Cellar bar.

The Church Dublin new lighting

The Cellar Bar at The Church Dublin new lighting

The Cellar bar lies beneath a historic Church in Dublin City centre, where many moons ago Arthur Guinness got married. As a multi function space used for meals, late bar, events, launches and more, the lighting installation had to be discreet but effective. Having met with the management team to discuss their needs we set about designing something we knew would deliver on their desires.

Given the multi function nature of the space we felt it was important to use a mixture of wash and spot fixtures. This would allow for colour washing certain areas for live performances or speeches, whilst still maintaining dynamics and shapes on the “dance” space when required. We opted to installed a split system of 3 x wash fixtures and 3 x profiles to replace the existing, and well used, scanners. Given our success with ADJ in the main bar it made sense to continue to use the brand into this space. The design spec was:

3no x ADJ Inno Z4 wash

3no x ADJ Inno pocket spots

1no. x ADJ NE1 DMX Controller

This design not only fills the brief but matches the requirements of being compact and discreet. When the staff in the venue saw the size of the fixtures there were initial concerns about the power and output of the fixtures. However, after 1 weekends operation it became clear that the lighting was more than powerful enough, and in fact the master dimmer on the NE1 was set to around 50% to keep the mood in the venue right for late bar activities.

The Church is a historic venue and DJbox have now replaced all of their entertainment fixtures in the key areas for ADJ lighting. This has a number of benefits for the venue. The new LED fixtures being installed do not require lamp replacement ensuring a cost offer the older discharge fittings that were in place. The new LED fittings are also far more energy efficient resulting in lower operating costs per light for the venue. We estimate that we have reduced the energy consumption in these 2 areas of those venue from 1050 watts to 505 watts – and thats assuming ALL of the Z4 washes are all on 100% which they are not.

If you have a venue or entertainment space and you want to make your installation more efficient or just freshen it up then please contact DJbox now!

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All good things come to an end… and so it is that we announce that Scott has decided to seek new challenges and to leave DJbox and our industry. He will be staying with us to ensure the move to our new home goes as planned, we have been working on it a while and we are going to see it through together. Once we are in and settled he will move on and will finish with us on August the 10th.
Best of luck Scott
From a kitchen table only 6 years ago, to a 2000 square ft custom designed showroom – we have come a long long way, quickly! Scott was integral to that, and we couldn’t have done what we have without him. Early mornings, late nights, emergency callouts, Facebook messages, calls, and so much more, all done to support our customers and to grow the business.
As well as being my little brother, he was also my right hand man, my number 2 and a key part of everything I have done for the last 6 years. It will be strange to come to work everyday and not have him here with me. However….. I wish him well in everything he does in the future, and I can never say or do enough to thank him for everything he has done for me and for Djbox in the last 6 years. I am hugely proud of what we have achieved together, and I am more proud to call him my brother.
Best of luck, and thank you!

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Rome wasn’t built in a day – and the new DJbox is taking it’s time too! But it’ll be worth it!

We are moving

A short while ago we announced that we are moving to a new larger, better, premises. The move is on! We had hoped that we would be in the new premises by now, but for a number of various reasons things have not happened as quickly as we had expected.

But……. Phone lines and broadband are in, the premises has been handed over to us fully, and we are starting the fitout in the coming weeks. Trades are measuring up, plans have been drawn and the vision is coming together!

Right now we are planning to be moved in, operational and fully setup at the end of July! That’s the plan!

We are hoping to only have to move once, and we are making sure it is worth while. We have decided not to rush this for the sake of meeting or own initial deadline. Instead we are pushing the deadline back to ensure we create the very best space and customer experience possible!

We thank you all for your patience, and your understanding. We are really looking forward to showing you what we create and we promise you….. it’ll be worth the wait!

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June 1st – are proud and pleased to announce that we will now be making the Pioneer DJ CDJ and DJM ranges available for rental. As a fully authorised Pioneer DJ dealer will now offer a range of Pioneer DJ products for one off events as well as short terms and long term rentals. We will tailor make each package to suit the needs of the customer, event and budget.

Pioneer DJ Rental


Why rent from DJbox?

  • Fully authorised Pioneer DJ dealers
  • All equipment professionally serviced and maintained
  • All equipment supplied in professional flight cases
  • All equipment supplied with all required cables
  • Nationwide service
  • Large stock availability

What products are available?

We have CDJ/DJM packages as well as individual products available for rental. Our initial stock includes:

CDJ/DJM Packages

CDJ-2000 Nexus 2
DJM-900 Nexus 2

CDJ-2000 Nexus
DJM-900 Nexus

CDJ-900 Nexus

Kit list

CDJ-2000 Nexus 2
CDJ-2000 Nexus
CDJ-900 Nexus

DJM-2000 Nexus
DJM-900 Nexus 2
DJM-900 Nexus

As Djbox continues to grow and develop we are very pleased to be able to offer services such as this to our ever growing client base. The addition of Pioneer rental stock shows our commitment to our industry and our customers, allowing them to access premium products as and when needed without large up front expenditure. We are very excited to see where this new service leads us to!

For enquiries email [email protected] or call 015329845

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It was with great sadness that we learnt of the recent closure of Lamba PLC. An industry legend, this UK based company had been distributing professional sound and lighting products around the world for over 60 years!

Lamba PLC

From the legendary Made 2 Fade mixer to brands such as KAM, Gemini, Odyssey and many more, Lamba were responsible for some of the largest brands in our industry. Everyone has at some stage used a piece of KAM equipment. Whether it was a mixer, a twin CD player, a radio mic or laser. Their attractive pricing and high quality products led to them becoming hugely popular with DJs and entertainers around Europe.

And as for the brands. KAM is a legendary brand with some great product. We only hope that someone somewhere sees its value, and either buys or resurrects it in some fashion. It has a place in the market and having survived for so long it deserves to be carried forward. Others such as Gemini, AFX, Odyssey etc. will undoubtedly simply find new distribution channels.

We are sad and sorry to see the demise of such a legendary company. We knew many of the people there personally and very well. We wish the staff and management all the very best for the future.


Lamba PLC has gone into administration and it is unlikely there will be any access to spares/parts or service going forward. Any person with product issues relating to a KAM product should contact their dealer for support

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